Week of 5 August 2013

Most people don’t like Mondays because that’s the day they go back to work after the weekend, but I personally love them. Why? So much awesome new music! I’ve even taken to calling Mondays “Music Mondays.” Anyway, here’s what I have lined up for all of you this week…

1) Monday, 5 August 2013: Mixtape – Summit Sessions #4

Summit Sessions #4First off, dropping today is the latest episode of my weekly podcast. It’s one hour of awesome trance music designed to make sure that you can survive the work week with enough energy to party hard on the weekend. Who doesn’t like that?

This episode has awesome stuff from Dennis Sheperd, Andy Moor, Corderoy, Jorn van Deynhoven, Falcon, Suncatcher, Tritonal, and Protoculture. I hope you all enjoy!

2) Wednesday, 7 August 2013: Original Music Preview – Turbine

Turbine by FoxhillThat’s right, I have a new original song coming out! It’s called Turbine, and it’s an absolute banger, a 138bpm hard-hitting uplifting trance song. You may have heard it in last week’s Summit Sessions episode, you may not have, but I guarantee, after listening to the preview, you’ll want to hear it again and again and again.

The song itself will be dropping next Wednesday, so don’t forget to stay tuned for that!

3) Friday, 9 August 2013: Tutorial – Getting Started With Music Production, Part 2

This Friday, I’m publishing the second part of my “Getting Started With Music Production” tutorial. This part will be all about some awesome free plugins you can use to supercharge your music (did you know that almost everything I use for my own productions is free?). There is some seriously tremendous stuff out there, but unfortunately there’s also a lot of not-so-tremendous stuff, so I’m here to help you sort through the garbage and find those real gems.