Week of 26 August 2013

As mentioned in this week’s Summit Sessions podcast, school is starting up again this week, so for the foreseeable future there will only be two posts a week (with some exceptions here and there of course).

1) Monday, 26 August 2013: Summit Sessions #7

Summit Sessions #7


We have the seventh episode of our weekly Summit Sessions podcast. Remember, you can catch it every week on Mixcloud, or by subscribing to our iTunes podcast, so you can have an hour of awesome trance music to help you get through the work week so you can party hard come Friday and Saturday.

2) Friday, 30 August 2013: Basic Production Tips – Sidechain Compression

As a follow up to our “Getting Started With Music Production” tutorial series, we’ll be tossing in some basic production tutorials here and there to help newbies out with common techniques that are used in electronic music production. Sidechain compression (also known as “ducking”) can be found in nearly every electronic song out there, making it an essential piece of knowledge.