Week of 19 August 2013

We’ve got some good stuff lined up this week. You’ll love what’s coming up.

1) Monday, 19 August 2013: Summit Sessions #6

Summit Sessions #6

We have the sixth episode of our weekly Summit Sessions podcast. Remember, you can catch it every week on Mixcloud, or by subscribing to our iTunes podcast, so you can have an hour of awesome trance music to help you get through the work week so you can party hard come Friday and Saturday.

2) Wednesday, 21 August 2013: Music Review – A Song Across Wires by BT

BT - A Song Across WiresThis is a big week for the world of trance and progressive music, as BT’s ninth studio album has just come out. We’ll be doing an in-depth review of this come Wednesday, so stay tuned!

3) Saturday, 24 August 2013: Tutorial – Getting Started With Music Production, Part 4

We’re finishing up our big production tutorial series this Friday, concluding with basic use of Reaper. After this, you should be all set and ready to go so that you can make your own tunes. If you make some awesome ones, don’t forget to send them to us via our Contact form!