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Basic Production – Sidechain Compression

Well now, look at you. You have some awesome plugins to play with, you have tons of awesome song ideas in your head, and you’ve even started to work on some of them, thanks to a certain tutorial series which taught you how to get started with music production. Only problem is, there are certain effects you can hear in songs you’re using as your inspiration which you can’t figure out! That’s where we come in.

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Getting started with music production – Part 4


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Part 3

You’re a DJ, and not just any DJ, but a DJ who’s been killing it in the local scene. You’re getting all the gigs you could ever want and have a burgeoning fanbase who follows you from club to club, but you want to break out of your town and move on to surrounding areas, maybe even surrounding states (or countries). Problem is, none of those venues have ever heard of you and think you’re just another guy with “DJ” scrawled in front of your name to make yourself look professional. How do you make yourself stand apart? The answer is music production.

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