Noah Neiman – Over 9000

Noah Neiman - Over 9000 (Large)“Big room” dance music is starting to develop a bad name for itself nowadays. Ignoring the merits it has in getting people in a club up and off their feet, it’s true, many songs in the Beatport Top 100 do have very similar sound, as Daleri’s “Epic Mashleg” so sarcastically reminded us. Closely related to big room music, at least in the eyes of “hardcore” trance fans, is that of the trance subgenre known as “trouse.” As that spoonerism likely has already told you, trouse is essentially a mixture of house music and trance, and is considered the work of Satan by those who are more inclined to listen to fast-paced, uplifting trance, possibly as a result of several big trance artists “selling out” to produce house, such as Sander van Doorn, Tiësto, W&W, and more. However, within this subgenre  that is trapped between two worlds – trance and house – some truly incredible art is being made.

As a result, I come before you, the reader, presenting you this brilliant new track – “Over 9000” – from Texan optometrist Noah Neiman, released (as you can probably see yourself from the album artwork above) on Lange Recordings. Unlike many of the formerly mentioned big room songs, this track doesn’t insult your intelligence. It doesn’t sound similar to everything on the Beatport Top 100 – in fact, I have yet to hear a single song to which this one sounds similar.

Characterized by tasteful inserts of glitch effects and an absolutely meaty bass, “Over 9000” knows how to make people dance without giving into the easy escape that is a hardstyle-kick-synth-stab combo. Why is that? Perhaps it’s the melody, which sounds as if it’s in a mode of a key rather than straight major or minor, possibly – if stretching for a comparison – vaguely reminiscent of “Sol” from Bjorn Akesson. Perhaps it’s the driving bass, which is gritty beyond belief and deep enough to start earthquakes. Perhaps it’s the fact that even though it’s only at 130 beats per minute, it still manages to keep a characteristic “trance” sound somehow – something impossible for most people, or at least for myself, to explain. Or perhaps it’s all of the above. Whatever the case, it manages to be one of those rare slower trance songs which doesn’t miss out on creativity and energy, a feat difficult to achieve.

For DJs, “Over 9000” is perfect for transitioning between electro or progressive house and trance, mainly thanks to its low bpm and strong electro influence. In addition, it’s a fantastic foundation for picking up bpm in a set, as it’s at 130 instead of 128. This is something which I do in nearly every mix, and songs which accomplish this are like gold to me.

In short, “Over 9000” by Noah Neiman is a brilliant electro-trance/trouse song which manages to be exciting and innovative, not to mention a fantastic tool for a DJ. I know this one will be in my sets in the future.

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