Summit Sessions #66 – You Can’t Hide

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And we’re back! Apologies for missing last week, but after moving to a new country there was some adjusting I needed to do in a myriad areas. Regardless, we are back on track, and to make up for not giving you one seven days ago, I made this episode extra-insane. You know it’s a good sign when the last three songs in the mix were all released on Subculture, after all.

(00:21) Liquify – Ost & Meyer [Enhanced Progressive]
(05:51) Rat Twist – PIXL [Monstercat]
(08:53) Back Up – Bigtopo with Ariel & Danilo [FF]
(13:20) Titan – Eonic [A Tribute To Life]
(17:15) High Glow (Sunny Lax Remix) – JES [Magik Muzik]
(21:53) Into The Unknown (Antillas & Dankann Club Mix) – Da Hool ft. Emmalyn [Zouk]
(26:02) Mechanical Tears (Club Mix) – Corderoy [Monster]
(31:11) Atkinsane (Mark Sherry Remix) – Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy [Damaged]
(36:08) Dreamers & Dreams – Arctic Moon vs. Bryan Kearney [FSOE]
(41:12) Full Throttle – Aly & Fila vs. Sneijder [Armada]
(46:14) The Saw – John O’Callaghan [Subculture]
(51:16) Prospector – Chris Metcalfe [Subculture]
(55:50) #Acid – Sneijder [Subculture]