The Great North American Road Trip: Day 2 – Billings, MT to Edmonton, AB

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Date: 9 June 2016
Start: Billings, Montana, USA
End: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Distance Traveled: 730 miles
Total Time: 11.5 hours

Today was a very long day.

It’s okay that I want to just go flop in bed, right? Driving for eleven-and-a-half hours will do that to you.

Proof of the torture through which I put myself.
Proof of the torture through which I put myself.

Remember how in yesterday’s post, I said that Wyoming was empty? Compared to northern Montana and southern Alberta, Wyoming felt like a heavily-populated metropolis whose roads twisted and turned through the most impressive mountain range in the world.

That is all hyperbole of course, an analogy I’m using to underscore just how empty and flat today’s drive was, and how straight the roads were.


See what I mean? Flat, straight, and empty.
See what I mean? Flat, straight, and empty.

On other hand, today’s drive served multiple purposes aside from simply bringing me farther north on this continent than I have ever been. The first of those was that I learned how to properly read my car’s speedometer in the metric system – and also learned just how hard it is to read those microscopic numbers. Should I ever move to “America’s hat,” I would definitely want to replace that gauge cluster with a proper metric one.

On a related note, the second purpose was notably more important. It is no secret among my friends that I seriously intend on moving to Canada within the next few years (for non-Trump reasons, unlike most Americans who proclaim they want to emigrate every time there’s an election). Being a Coloradoan, my hypothesis was that the closest cultural fit for me would be in either Calgary or Edmonton. Having driven through Calgary today, I can say that I believe I would be comfortable there. As for Edmonton, I’m only on the southern fringe at the moment, so I’ll have to get back to you tomorrow on that one.

In the meantime, I can just be relieved that one of the longest segments of this road trip is over.