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Panorama #01 – 4 September 2015



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What’s this? It’s a new mix! But it’s not Summit Sessions? Nope! Why?

“Panorama” is my weekly radio show on KCSU Fort Collins (a radio station in northern Colorado). The hardware that I use to record Summit Sessions is currently out of commission – and has been since January, unfortunately – and what I use for Panorama is far too unwieldy and large to use in my apartment, which is why Summit Sessions has been on hiatus. However, now that Panorama has started up, I figured that I’d record it and share it with all of you. Don’t worry, this isn’t replacing Summit Sessions! It’s just a temporary thing that will last until December.

Panorama differs from Summit Sessions in a couple very distinct ways – every episode is two hours long, and every episode starts out slow before ending up nice and fast. It’s where I show off my ability to DJ more than just trance music. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading Panorama #01 – 4 September 2015