Summit Sessions #55 – What You’re Waiting For

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Energy is an area in which trance excels as a genre. Though quite a few peaceful, relaxing songs are out there, just as many are raw, powerful, and can even give a person as much energy as a shot of espresso. The latter group is what this episode of Summit Sessions is all about. As a result, I cannot recommend that you listen to this right before bed, or you’ll never be able to fall asleep! Continue reading

Summit Sessions #52 – One Year of Summit Sessions

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We’ve done it! One full year of Summit Sessions! 52 different episodes, ranging from anywhere between one and three hours and length, have been uploaded here, and it has certainly been a blast on my end. I’m supremely thankful for those of you who have come along for the entire ride, and even those of you that just hopped on this train. Let’s keep this going for another year, at least! Continue reading