FREE DOWNLOAD: EternuS (Foxhill Remix) – Sanxion7

The trance classic featured in music video games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and ReRave has found new life in this official remix from Colorado producer Foxhill. Powerful and relentless, this is one of those tracks that can take you away to another world. Where will you go?

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Summit Sessions #67 – Never Forget You

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It should come as no surprise by now that Summit Sessions contains a lot of absolutely mental trance music, especially toward the end of its 60-minute runtime. If this week is any different, that is only because it is MORE mental than usual! There’s a lot of new music in this one, along with a few exclusives from Fisher & Steve Kaetzel, Allan Morrow, and Nivaya & Brian Flinn, so enjoy! Continue reading Summit Sessions #67 – Never Forget You

Summit Sessions #66 – You Can’t Hide

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And we’re back! Apologies for missing last week, but after moving to a new country there was some adjusting I needed to do in a myriad areas. Regardless, we are back on track, and to make up for not giving you one seven days ago, I made this episode extra-insane. You know it’s a good sign when the last three songs in the mix were all released on Subculture, after all. Continue reading Summit Sessions #66 – You Can’t Hide

Summit Sessions #65 – Wild And Free

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Coming to you from the UK, this is Summit Sessions episode 65. I recently moved over here for a few months, but unfortunately I’m having some technical difficulties with my DJ controller. As a result, this mix was made in a DAW, rather than being live-mixed like all the previous episodes. As tedious of a process as that is, I’m confident that this episode turned out quite nicely, and I hope you all agree! Continue reading Summit Sessions #65 – Wild And Free

Summit Sessions #64 – Fight For Clarity

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Welcome to 2015, everybody! To kick off the new year right, here’s a new episode of Summit Sessions. This one takes a break from all that crazy tech trance and focuses more on the melodic, uplifting side of things, featuring upcoming tracks from Eco, Andromedha, and an artist I am not yet allowed to name! Exciting stuff, no? Continue reading Summit Sessions #64 – Fight For Clarity