Summit Sessions #61 – Reveal Yourself

061 1000

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With each passing week, Summit Sessions seems to be transforming more from an hour of “whatever” in trance music into an hour of balls-out aggressive stuff. I am certainly not complaining about this. Most trance fans only really know the lighter, more melodic side of the genre, but don’t realize that there is an entirely different side of it that is raw and uncouth. My goal is to expose those people to that side. Continue reading

Summit Sessions #60 – My Way Out

060 small

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Anybody who knows me well also knows that I love contrast, e.g. Pure good versus pure evil, slow versus fast, big versus small, etc. This affinity of mine works its way into all my creative endeavors, whether it’s songs, artwork, or mixes. This particular mix – number 60 – displays this quite well. Like most of my two-hour mixes, this one starts off reasonably slow and relaxed, though finishes quite the opposite. Of course, there’s a smooth progression along the way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading