Summit Sessions #50 – Plain To See

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That’s right, this episode of Summit Sessions is number 50. To celebrate the occasion, there’s…not really anything special, to be frankly honest, but of course it is a two-hour episode. After all, it is divisible by 10.

Rather than starting out with deep house, tech house, and techno like most two-hour episodes of this podcast, this one instead begins with melodic progressive house and trance before moving on to uplifting trance and even a little bit of tech trance. Don’t think for a moment that this one will be boring though; you know me better than that. Continue reading

Summit Sessions #49 – Keep A Secret

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Hello again! I hope you’re ready for another episode of Summit Sessions, because it’s here and it’s ready for you. In contrast to last week’s episode, which never rose above 133 beats-per-minute, this one never drops below 138. That’s right, it’s a full-on high-speed hour of trance music, but that’s not to say it’s a homogeneous blend of uplifting trance that all sounds the same. No, this one covers the spectrum from psy trance to uplifting to tech to everything in-between. Needless to say, it’s a fun hour, and one that I hope you’ll enjoy immensely. Continue reading

Summit Sessions #48 – Go Your Own Way

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We’re back! After a month of not having a place to call home, I’m set up in a new apartment, which means I can return to making this every week.

However, this is not your usual Summit Sessions episode. For instance, it’s more of a house mix than a trance mix – the first trance song doesn’t even play until nearly an hour and a half in. The BPM never rises above 133. Instead of just uplifting, tech, and progressive trance, we have deep house, tech house, techno, progressive house, breaks, progressive trance, and slower tech trance. Sound fun?

Why have I done this? Summit Sessions was never designed to be a traditional DJ radio show. The point from the very beginning was that it would be a place for me to experiment and develop as a DJ. That’s why, instead of being pieced together by hand in Ableton Live or some other DAW like most radio shows, it’s recorded as a live DJ set through Traktor. The only processing it gets is a limiter to bring the volume up.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this diversion from trance music just as much as I enjoyed recording it. Continue reading

Summit Sessions #47 – Deep Inside You

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Nostalgia is a powerful force. While I predominantly DJ trance now (aside from the occasional techno/deep house/progressive house set), I originally started out with progressive house along the lines of “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl. Occasionally, I like going back to my roots, so to speak. As a result, this week’s episode starts out with some of that more energetic progressive house – albeit more modern examples of it than the aforementioned song – before moving onto that high-energy uplifting- and tech-trance sound that you’ve all come to know and love from me. Continue reading