Summit Sessions #52 – One Year of Summit Sessions

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We’ve done it! One full year of Summit Sessions! 52 different episodes, ranging from anywhere between one and three hours and length, have been uploaded here, and it has certainly been a blast on my end. I’m supremely thankful for those of you who have come along for the entire ride, and even those of you that just hopped on this train. Let’s keep this going for another year, at least! Continue reading

Summit Sessions #50 – Plain To See

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That’s right, this episode of Summit Sessions is number 50. To celebrate the occasion, there’s…not really anything special, to be frankly honest, but of course it is a two-hour episode. After all, it is divisible by 10.

Rather than starting out with deep house, tech house, and techno like most two-hour episodes of this podcast, this one instead begins with melodic progressive house and trance before moving on to uplifting trance and even a little bit of tech trance. Don’t think for a moment that this one will be boring though; you know me better than that. Continue reading